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D-Sight Web is a collaborative decision-making platform that helps you to solve challenges, analyze data, and drive results by bringing people together to make a decision

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What is the advantage of D-Sight Web for your business ?


Collaborative Teams

Bring people together and make them interact in order to achieve a group decision. Assign them different roles depending on their responsibilities towards the project (Viewer, Expert, Project Manager, etc.)


Visual Outputs

Visual analysis of the results allows the decision maker to evaluate how the alternatives perform on the different criteria as well as how the criteria act as a differenciator for the alternatives.


100% Secure

The web application is delivered under the Software as a Service model and is secure and reliable.


No Expertise Needed

Most decision-making software are complex to use without any previous expertise. We strive to keep our online platform as simple to use as possible.


No Installation and Up To Date

The web application requires no download or installation. All updates are automatically installed.


Access From Anywhere

Your project members can be in any part of the world: the only requirement to start collaborating is to have an internet browser.

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