D-Sight Web 3.0.0: Release Announcement

The Friendlier Release Yet

D-Sight Web 3.0 brings better and more understandable results representation. We have added new visual tools to the analysis toolbox and improved the notifications throughout the process. Keep on reading to learn more.

  • New score system
  • New graphical tools
  • Better chart options

0-100 Scoring

D-Sight Web 3.0 brings a new representation of the results. The default scale has been changed from [-1; 1] to [0; 100]. A score between 0 and 100 is something that the human mind is used to deal with so it makes it easier to understand the results.

All existing projects have been upgraded to use this new scale.

  • Scores_0-100

Global Visual Analysis

A new visualisation tool has been added to the analysis toolbox: the Global Visual Analysis plan. Alternatives are represented by the blue dots and criteria by the green axes. The further an alternative goes in the direction of a axis, the better it is for the related criterion.

The red axis is called the "decision axis" and represent the compromise that the expert is willing to make.

  • Global_visual_analysis

Category Grouping

Criteria can now be grouped within their categories in the results views. Graphs become more readable, more understandable and it is therefore easier to communicate around the results.

Charts can be customized to offer different levels of analysis.

Finally, each user active on the project has his own set of options so that everyone can display information as he wants.

  • Chart_options

A vs. B Analysis

Yet another new tool in the visual analysis toolbox is the "A vs. B Analysis" plane. Alternatives results are represented in a two-dimensional plane in order to easily compare how each alternative performs against the criteria.

An indication of the global score of each alternative is also given by the size of the points.

  • A_vs_b_analysis