D-Sight Web 3.1.0: Release Announcement

New Analysis Tools and Reporting

D-Sight Web 3.1 brings quite a few new functionalities. We have added new visual tools to the analysis toolbox and are introducing the first version of the project report. Keep on reading to learn more about:

  • Walking weights
  • Criteria contribution
  • Reports

Walking Weights

D-Sight Web 3.1 introduce the walking weight functionality. By moving the sliders representing the weights of the different criteria / categories in the walking weight panel, you can view in real time how the scores of the different alternatives are affected as well as the impact on the ranking.

  • Walking_weights

Criteria Contribution

A new visualization tool has been added to the analysis toolbox: the criteria contribution graph. In this graph, one can identify at a glance how the different criteria participate to the global score of an alternative.

This new tool can also been combined with the walking weights explained above to see on the same graph how changing the criteria weights will impact the profile of the alternatives as well as their ranking.

  • Criteria_contribution

Project Report

It is now possible to generate reports for your projects. Currently, reports are available in HTML format so that they can easily be printed out. They contain all project setup information (alternatives, criteria, hierarchy) as well as the parameters and results for all experts assigned to the projects.

If you are using Chrome, you can also easily export the report to PDF. We are working on an alternative solution for all other browsers so stay tuned to learn more.

  • Project_report