D-Sight Web 3.2.10: Release Announcement

Project Templates and Custom Reporting

We have recently added the possibility to duplicate projects and select the different components that should be included when generating reports. But stay tuned because there is more to come soon. We have quite a few surprises for our users in the next coming weeks - some of which we've been working on for some time now, making sure that they are ready for prime-time. Keep on reading to learn more about what we have included in D-Sight Web 3.2.10:

  • Duplicate projects
  • Custom reports

Duplicate Projects

D-Sight Web 3.2.10 introduces the possibility to create new projects from existing ones. All data from the existing project will be copied over to the new project. Everything will be preserved in the process: all users assigned to the existing project will also be assigned to the new one with the exact same roles, and all evaluations and preferences will be kept as is.

We took this opportunity to redesign a bit the project creation window to provide a clearer vision on the different options that are now available.

  • New_project_modal

Custom Reports

Reporting is now more flexible, as it is possible to select which sections should be included in the final report. Based on your target audience, you can now easily determine the inputs data and output graphs and / or table that should get included.

  • Custom_report