D-Sight Web 3.3.0: Release Announcement

Flexible Role Assignation, Qualitative Scale Templates, Project Workflow, ...

We are happy to announce a new major release of D-Sight Web. Some pretty important features and improvements have been implemented in the past couple of months. The most important one is without a doubt related to the way project roles are handled. It also comes with a new workflow and more templates to make your life easier. Keep on reading to learn more about what we have included in D-Sight Web 3.3.0:

  • Flexible Role Assignation
  • Qualitative Scale Template
  • Project Workflow

Flexible Role Assignation

In order to provide more flexibility when assigning users to projects, we have split the expert role in two parts:

  1. Weight Expert: users with this role will be able to define the importance of the different criteria and categories
  2. Evaluation Expert: users with this role will be able to evaluate the different alternatives and define how the alternatives should be compared

With this setup, it is now possible to assign an evaluation expert only on some criteria based on his / her domain of expertize.

All existing projects have been automatically converted, so all previous experts will now have both the weight and evaluation experts roles.

  • New_role_assignation

Qualitative Scale Template

D-Sight Web now allows to define templates for qualitative scales. Any project manager on a project can create a template that can then be re-used in any project. In addition, we already provide three scales that can already be used either to create new templates or directly inside projects.

All existing project scales have been converted to the new system so all experts that were previously sharing a scale now have their own.

  • New_qualitative_scales_management

Project Workflow

The project workflow has been re-designed in order to take advantage of the new role management. When logging in a project, we have therefore re-ordered the different steps and added a new step related to the weights definition. In addition, we have added the option to access the project report directly from there as well so that there is no need to go back to the projects overview page to generate the report.

  • New_workflow