D-Sight Web 3.4.15: Release Announcement

Flexible Role Assignation, Example Projects, Comments and Bug Fixes

We are happy to announce a new release of D-Sight Web. We have added more flexibility to the role assignation so that it is now possible to assign multiple experts to a single criterion. In addition, we now allow example projects to be created multiple times would you wish to do so. This release also contains a number of bug fixes. Keep on reading to learn more about what we have included in D-Sight Web 3.4.15:

  • Flexible Role Assignation
  • Example Projects
  • Comments (release 3.4.14)

Flexible Role Assignation

Following up on the work done in release 3.3.0, we have added more flexibility to the role system. When assigning multiple evaluation experts to a project, it is now possible to assign many of those experts on single criteria.

This setup allows therefore multiple experts to provide their input on the same criteria. This is particularly helpful when some criteria might need to be evaluated by different members of a team or when some criteria can be considered cross-functions.

  • Flexible_roles

Example Projects

It is now possible to create the example projects multiple times. This feature is particularly helpful in accounts where multiple administrators are present so that each one can create his / her own projects.

  • Example_projects


In the previous release, we added the possibility to comments on projects. It is possible to leave comments at different levels:

  • At a project level, accessible from anywhere within the project, for anything that concerns the project in general
  • At a step level, accessible from individual project step from any participant in the project, for anything that is specifically related to the step
  • At an alternative / criterion / ... level, for everything that is explicitly related to a given component of the project
  • Comments