D-Sight Web 3.4.9: Release Announcement

Validations, Notifications, Deadline and Progress Report

We are happy to announce a new release of D-Sight Web containing new collaborative features. We want to make your decision process smoother and have therefore added the possibility to be informed when tasks are completed or due. Keep on reading to learn more about:

  • Task Validation
  • Task Deadlines
  • Notifications on Completion and Task Expiration
  • Reminders
  • Progress Report

Task Validation

Experts can now validate the tasks they have completed. From any of the weights, parameters and evaluations steps, experts have the option to click on a Validate button to inform the project manager that the task has been completed.

  • Task_validation

Tasks Deadline

Project managers on a project can set deadlines to all tasks (weights, parameters or evaluation) that experts need to accomplish.

By default, when a project manager sets a deadline on a task, all experts assigned to the task will receive a reminder one day before the task is due — if they haven't validated the task yet at that time of course.

  • Deadlines

Notifications on Completion and Task Expiration

Project managers can decide whether they want to be informed when experts complete their work.

In addition, if deadlines are set, project manager can also decide whether they want to be informed when a task reaches its deadline but experts haven't validated it.

  • Notifications


When a deadline is set on a task by a project manager, all experts are automatically subscribed to a reminder that inform them one day before the task is due that they need to complete it. Reminders will only be sent out if the task hasn't been validated yet.

Experts can opt-out from those reminders as well if they want to by editing their own settings.

  • Reminders

Progress Reports

The validation of tasks allowed us to introduce a progress report page on the project. In this report, the project manager can have an immediate understanding of what has been completed and what remains to be done on the project as well as who to contact to ensure that the process can move forward.

  • Progress_report