D-Sight Web 3.5.0: Release Announcement

New Simulation Tools and Performance Improvements

D-Sight Web 3.5 brings a lot of improvements under the hood. We are now calculating results in the background and only when necessary. This means that analysis pages will load faster 99% of the time. We have also added a new simulation tool. Keep on reading to learn more about:

  • Evaluations simulation
  • Background calculation
  • Caching system

Evaluations Simulation

D-Sight Web 3.5 introduces the evaluation simulation functionality. Select an alternative and a criterion from your project and adjust the slider to view the impact on the ranking in real time.

The range of possible values is automatically calculated from your project data making it easy to see how the scores would evolve if the evaluation went up or down.

  • Evaluation_simulation

Background Calculation

As of now, results are calculated in the background (most of the time). This means that it will be faster to load the analysis graphs and tables 99% of the time.

Unfortunately, some of the analysis features (Global Visual Analysis for instance) still require the results to be calculated live (i.e. when accessing them) at this stage but we will work on that in a later release.

  • Background_calculation

Caching System

A new caching system has been deployed in the background in order to improve loading times. We are only getting started using it but we already store some of the data that took the longest time to generate.

Thanks to this new system, we will bring additional improvements in the coming weeks / months making the application faster at different levels.