D-Sight Web 3.5.1: Release Announcement

Comment notifications, improved criteria assignation and user management

D-Sight Web 3.5.1 brings quite a few improvements in your project management workflow. It is now easier to assign multiple criteria to a given user and when removing users from your account, we ensure that all projects remain accessible. When leaving comments in a project, we also offer the possibility to receive them by email to make sure that you never miss any important information. Keep on reading to learn more about:

  • Comments notifications
  • Improved criteria assignation
  • User management

Comments Notifications

By default, when people leave comments on a project on which you are assigned, you will now be notified by email.

This will allow you to make sure that you do not miss any activity that is happening on your projects. But should you want to, you can obviously decide to de-activate this functionality (on a project basis).

  • Email_comments

Improved Criteria Assignation

We have simplified the assignation of criteria to users by allowing to assign all criteria within a category from a single click on the hierarchy tree.

This simplifies the work of the project manager and allows to make sure that no criteria are forgotten during the assignment process.

  • Criteria_assignation

User Management

When removing users from your account, a check is now performed in order to confirm that there are no projects that are left with no experts / project manager(s) assigned.

If an anomaly is detected, the administrator who deleted the user will be assigned the project manager role on the project so that the project can be fixed.

  • Missing_roles