D-Sight Web 3.6.11: Release Announcement

Go / No Go Criteria

D-Sight Web 3.6.11 introduces a new type of criterion: Go / No go criterion. The Go / No go criteria allow an evaluation expert to simply determine whether an alternative passes or fails. This is typically used to assess compliance in a given area for instance.

Defining Go / No Go Criteria

Go / No go criteria are pretty similar to regular criteria. They can be assigned to evaluation experts as normal criteria but will not appear in the hierarchy tree for weights experts.

  • Binary_criteria_list

Working with Go / No go Criteria

Go / No go criteria are only available to evaluation experts. However, they differ from regular criteria as they do not have associated parameters, and only permit two values: Go or No go. This allows to indicate if a given alernative passes or fails on a given criterion.

  • Binary_criteria_evaluations

Analyzing with Go / No Go Criteria

Since the Go / No go criteria are not given any weights by the weight experts, they are not used when calculating the results and only act as an indicator for the decision-maker(s).

It is possible to visualize the results with additional information about the Go / No go criteria in order to analyze whether the best alternative is compliant with all criteria.

An alternative can be marked with three different colors:

  • Green: all experts have given their Go for the alternative on all Go / No go criteria.
  • Yellow: experts are not aligned, and some criteria received both a Go and No Go.
  • Red: at least one criterion has received No go from all experts assigned to it.
  • Binary_criteria_ranking