D-Sight Web 3.7.3: Release Announcement

Negotiation Tool

D-Sight Web 3.7.3 introduces a new tool to facilitate negotiation with suppliers. At a glance, you can see the impact of the change of an evaluation within a range that you define. Keep on reading to learn more.

Rank and Score Evolution

The Negotiation Tool is available in the analysis phase.

This is a new simulation tool that allows to see the evolution of the ranking and score of an alternative when its evaluations on a given criterion are modified.

This is particularly helpful in procurement / supplier evaluation projects. Indeed, when considering the price of an offer for instance, this allows to quickly see whether the supplier can achieve a better ranking if he is willing to reduce his price.

  • Negotiation_chart

Flexible Settings

The Negotiation Tool is available for all criteria on which only one expert is assigned. This is typically the case for criteria that only need to be assessed once (for instance, the price of an offer).

To run the simulation, it is just necessary to specify the alternative and criterion and the range in which you wish to run the simulation.

You can freely decide the lower and upper value (expressed as percentages of the current evaluation) of the range for which you would like to run simulations.

  • Negotiation_settings