D-Sight Web 3.7.4: Release Announcement

Project Templates and Reporting Options

D-Sight Web 3.7.4 introduces a new template feature allowing users to define project templates that can be re-used to quickly create new projects without having to define alternatives, criteria and their associated parameters. In addition, it also introduces more flexibility and options to customize reports. To learn more, keep on reading.

Project Templates

A new section has been added to the project list: Project Templates.

Templates can be created by any user allowed to create a project but they do not count as regular projects so you can create as many as you want. They permit to define a re-usable project structure so that you can get started faster if you often work on the same kind of projects.

  • Template_new

Template Structure

Templates are similar to regular project, but the process has been simplified. Templates allow to define the alternatives as well as the criteria and their associated hierarchy. Creator of the template can then set the weights and define the parameters.

Note that templates can be viewed and used by all users allowed to create projects. When creating a project from a template, the user who does it is automatically assigned all roles on the project.

  • Template_process

Report options

Additional options have been added to the report generator. It is now more flexible and permits to :

  • select individual comments for instance,
  • include all qualitative scales at once,
  • display evaluations of a given alternative only,
  • integrate results from the portfolio module.
  • Report_comments