D-Sight Web 3.4.16: Release Announcement

Utility Functions Templates, Notifications on Assignation

We are happy to announce a new release of D-Sight Web — the second this week. This release includes the possibility to define and re-use utility functions across projects and add notifications when users get assigned to a project. Keep on reading to learn more about those two new features.

Utility Function Templates

As we did some time ago with qualitative scales, we have introduced the possibility to define utility functions templates. Any project manager on a project can create a template that can then be re-used in any project by the evaluation experts.

Not only can functions be re-used across projects but a single function can also be applied to multiple parameters within the same project as well. So, if you found yourself creating the same functions over and over again, this will considerably accelerate and simplify your work.

All existing utility functions have been converted to the new system automatically.

  • Utility_functions_templates

Notification on Assignation

When users get assigned to a project, they now receive an email informing them that a new project is available in their workspace. This will accelerate the workflow and ensure that all participants are notified in a timely manner when they can provide their input. It is of course possible to turn off the notifications, should you want to do so.

Please note that the user creating the project will not be notified by email since he / she will receive by default all roles on the project.

  • Assignation_notification